Investment matters: what advisers should expect in 2024

An overview of what you should expect from investment markets this year.

Jack Richards

03 Jan 2024

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A lot can change in a week in investment markets, never mind in a year. 

In January 2023, we were in the middle of the sharpest increase in interest rates for decades and economists were expecting a recession in most developed countries. Roll on 12 months, investors are now looking ahead to interest rate cuts and, instead of recession, latest data showed the US economy continues to produce strong growth. Even the UK economy has held on to growth.

In our latest article, we share four key investment matters that we believe advisers and their clients should be paying attention to in 2024. These include:

  1. Inflation and interest rates are likely to remain top of investors’ agendas, but growth prospects are also important.

  2. The expected fall in cash rates is likely to reduce the attractiveness of money market funds.

  3. Elections have the potential to increase short-term market volatility.

  4. Regulatory change.

Read our full overview for more details.

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