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Managing Partner

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Portrait of Steve Birch, HRIS Managing Partner.

Stephen Birch

Managing Partner

Stephen leads the Investment Services team at Hymans Robertson, with overall responsibility for the DFM. He is in regular contact with a number of our key clients, attending meetin...

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Chief Investment Officer

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Portrait of William Marshall, HRIS Chief Investment Officer.

William Marshall

Chief Investment Officer

William is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer (“CIO”) of Hymans Robertson Investment Services. He is highly experienced having joined Hymans Robertson in 2003. In his role as C...

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Investment Team

Portrait of Anna Hawkins, HRIS Investment Manager.

Anna Hawkins

Investment Manager

Portrait of Catherine Bamber, HRIS Investment Manager.

Catherine Bamber

Investment Manager

Portrait of Jack Richards, HRIS Investment Manager.

Jack Richards

Investment Manager

Portrait of Kameel Kapitan, HRIS Investment Director,

Kameel Kapitan

Investment Director

HRIS Daniel Kowalewicz

Daniel Kowalewicz

Wealth Investment Associate

Portrait of Samantha Kay, HRIS Investment Specialist Client Portfolio Manager.

Samantha Kay

Investment Specialist Client Portfolio Manager

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Head of Distribution

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Portrait of John Pyburn, HRIS Head of Distribution.

John Pyburn

Head of Distribution

John is a Partner and is responsible for the distribution of Hymans Robertson’s Investment Services for the retail advisory market. He joined Hymans Robertson in January 2020 and h...

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Client Management Team

Portrait of Neale Hayter, HRIS Head of Client Management.

Neale Hayter

Head of Client Management

Portrait of Alison Moini, HRIS Relationship Director.

Alison Moini

Relationship Director

Portrait of Sandra Corcoran, HRIS Relationship Director.

Sandra Corcoran

Relationship Director

Portrait of Andy Pook, HRIS Relationship Director.

Andy Pook

Relationship Director

Portrait of  David Boothby, HRIS Relationship Director.

David Boothby

Relationship Director

Portrait of  Kate Rainbow, HRIS Head of Key Accounts.

Kate Rainbow

Head of Key Accounts