Why Hymans Robertson Investment Services?

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HRIS provides exceptional, institutional quality DFM model portfolios

We aim to bring a higher standard of service, institutional rigour, operational resilience, and ultimately better investment outcomes to the UK advised retail market.

What makes the HRIS investment proposition special?

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    Robust and resilient

    Advisers can take comfort that model portfolios are being managed and administered to ‘best practice’ institutional standards, making the most of our extensive in-house resources. Our scale is such that everything is done in-house, resulting in a fully integrated and coherent proposition – we refer to this as ‘the golden thread’. Our long-term, evidence-based institutional investment approach is predictable, robust and stands up to scrutiny. For example, each model portfolio is tested with thousands of economic scenarios prior to implementation, using our Economic Scenario Services 'ESS' model. 

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    Exclusive and dedicated service

    We only work with a select group of UK adviser firms. This allows us to offer exceptional, in-depth ongoing service and support, including ongoing access to our investment team and timely, insightful market commentary.  We support advice firms across the UK, with offices in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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    Exceptional value for money

    We aim to deliver high quality model portfolios at a lower cost than our competitors. We ensure competitive pricing is secured through accessing the scale associated with the Hymans Robertson group (which has over £350bn in assets under influence).

    We often negotiate fund price discounts of 25% or more – with these savings made available to your clients within the HRIS model portfolios.

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