Sustainable Income Tool (SIT)

The HRIS proposition combines model portfolios that take account of managing downside risks, with a unique, online interactive ‘Sustainable Income Tool’ (SIT).

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Our integrated service is designed to assist advisers in meeting the key decumulation challenges, namely;

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    Generating sufficient returns to meet longer-term income goals

    HRIS does this by investing in a diverse range of assets, blending capital growth and income orientated approaches to generate attractive long-term real returns.

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    Dealing with the timing of returns - “sequencing risk”

    HRIS does this by accounting for potential shorter term downside risks when designing its model portfolios. Potential portfolios are stress-tested thousands of times, followed by a down-side risk ranking approach, to identify the most robust and liquid portfolios at times of stress.

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    Understanding uncertainty over how long an income might be required - “longevity risk”

    HRIS does this by providing its clients with its unique, client-level longevity data, within its Sustainable Income Tool. This draws from data from Club Vita, the UK’s leading Longevity data set, including street level longevity information on over 10 million people.

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    Aligning with advice processes to identify a sustainable level of income for clients

    HRIS does this within its interactive Sustainable Income Tool. Model portfolios are designed to achieve alignment with different risk profiles. SIT then provides transparency on expected returns and potential levels of sustainable income which are achievable from these models, given clients’ specific investment time horizons and / or expected longevity. Advisers can use these assumptions in their cash flow planning, if required.

Sustainable Income Tool

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